Deckchute is being adopted by the Racing Super Yacht Fleet.

Deckchute means faster hoists and faster drops, faster boat speed rounding the lower mark and less "noise" on the fore deck.

Upwind the kite is resting in the chute and is ready for re-hoist. No repack during race!

All together Deckchute is cool tactical moves made possible, faster boat speed at the lower mark, less activity on the fore deck and more focus on sailing.

After all - how else do you get an"easy" gain on a regular course or on a day race, hoisting and dropping the kite a number of times?


We work with some of the best people and companies to plan, build, deliver and test sail Deckchute with each new client.

The first step is to have a look at the boat's kites and deck to decide the Deckchute size and length.

Next step is to place the Patches correctly in 3D models of the kites.

After that it is all about building the Deckchute and the drop lines, which are a special blend of high tech fibers.

Further comes fitting of the kites with patches the Deckchute way, and planning the means for guiding the drop line to the drop winch on the boat's deck.

Final thing is delivery and Deckchute training, full crew - often this takes place some days prior to a race.

One or two of our Deckchute coaches will lead the way during the Deckchute training days: Mounting the hardware, planning and instructing the crew, sailing as instructors.


New teams consistently tell us they had a good time and a steep Deckchute learning curve.

Soon you will drop leeward or windward in a jibe right at the lower mark.

Your boat speed will be faster approaching, going around the mark and in the first minutes heading upwind.

You will be able to tack sooner, and you will point higher.

A few crew members will clear the fore deck soon after the drop before they hit the rail.