18-60 FEET



Deckchute has successfully been introduced to a number of racing Super Yachts.

Working with some of the best of the best in the Super Yacht world, testing ideas materials methods and limits have resulted in a number of spin offs.

NEW Deckchute system for Single- and Shorthand spinnaker sailing is one of them.


Headlines are:

"Any size of spinnaker, any kind of weather, symmetrical as well as asymmetrical."


Spinnaker sailing Deckchute way is you performing single-handed safe and easy spinnaker hoists and drops in all kinds of weather.

No matter if you are flying a spinnaker of 30 or 350 square meters, you will soon find yourself flying the spinnaker more often and in stronger wind.

Racing, training and pleasure.


To make this happen we re-invented the spinnaker hoist as well as the drop.


We have added a full length zip to the spinnaker to give you full control hoisting, and we have "cut" the hoist and the drop into a sequence of steps that you can do on your own: Running winches, pulling and slacking lines in the cockpit, and doing this in an orderly way and in a pace that suits you.


No more rushing from spinnaker halyard to tack line to spinnaker sheet in order to keep clear of a twisted spinnaker and preventing it from going into the water.

No step is critical in the sense that it triggers an urgent next step!

You are in full control in your pace, all steps.

Each step you may hurry or take your time to check that all is good: Looking for twisted lines and so on before you move on to the next step.

So: The hoist and the drop is really as fast or slow as your pace!

If the spinnaker is100m2 or more, it is too big to be pulled down by hand on a windy day.

You then need to use a handle on the pit winch. Thus the drop will be as fast or as slow as as you run it down.

Bigger spinnakers of 150m2 or more can be dropped using a handle on a pitwinch, but a motor winch is a big help.

Again the drop is as fast or as slow as the winch pulls.


Furthermore your job on the foredeck to prepare the spinnaker hoist is minimal, and you do not have to leave the cockpit at all to drop the spinnaker and head upwind.

This is an important and unique Deckchute feature shared by no other spinnaker control system.


Deckchute is mounted in harbor. 

Deckchute is secured to the deck, lying low: No worries going upwind.

If you choose to load the spinnaker into the Deckchute in harbor, it is resting safely inside Deckchute. All kind of weather, any heading. The spinnaker is ready to hoist at once, when you go downwind.

If you are racing you often have several spinnakers. In that case you may choose not to load a spinnaker into Deckchute.

When its time, you pick the right spinnaker for the wind and heading, and launch it out of its normal bag, zipped or un-zipped as you choose.

For the drop, you run the dropline through Deckchute, and you are ready for a drop into Deckchute.

In all: NEW Deckchute system for Single- and Shorthand spinnaker Sailing takes the worries out of spinnaker sailing.

Hoisting and dropping the spinnaker using Deckchute is as ordinary as leaving harbor, hoisting the main, unfurling the jib.

It is just you performing another row of "ship shape" doings!

Deckchute will make you run the spinnaker more often and in stronger winds, while you enjoy the thrill of running it closer to its limits.

Have a look at the videos.