Our product is Deckchute, a deck mounted hoist- and string drop system for free flying sails, asymmetrical as well as symmetrical. Any size of spinnaker, any kind of weather.

Deckchute is all it takes: It´s the Deckchute hardware itself, it´s the strings, it´s the fitting of the spinnaker and of the boat, it´s the know-how the advice and it´s the coaching.

It´s all it takes to get you going!

Deckchute is a newly developed hoist and drop system based on new ideas as well as proven equipment and methods used in yachts and dinghies for decades.

Deckchute is operated from the pit, giving you the power and the safety you need to manage the spinnaker.

You drop the spinnaker pulling the drop line, running it on a pit winch, while the tackline, the sheet and the halyard are eased as required.

The winch give you superior power to control the drop, easing is easy: Any size of kite, any kind of weather.


Deckchute have branched into four versions.

Each version targets different types of boats: Monohulls or multihulls, and how you sail them. Whether you enjoy single hand sailing and racing a 27 footer, cruising a 55 footer or racing a fully crewed 35 or 140 footer, Deckchute offers the hardware and the methods you need to run free flying sails of any size more often and in more wind.

Have a look at our homepage to join some of the world's best crews pulling drop strings! 




Deckchute is the product of 
Downwind ApS. 
A company dedicated to inventing and producing tomorrows hoist and dropsystems for free flying sails.
Any size of kite, any kind of weather.