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More spinnaker sailing and in more wind

Deckchute makes you confident that you always can hoist and drop your spinnaker in a safe way.

No matter the wind.

As long as you can steer the boat, you are good.

Simple as that.

Deckchute is a deckmounted hoist and drop system

You mount Deckchute in the safety of harbor, load and connect the spinnaker and you are ready for spinnaker action. After sailing you dismount and store it in a locker.

Deckchute is operated from the pit

You drop the spinnaker pulling a dropline attached to the spinnaker.

The dropline is attached to the spinnakers tack corner, which is the strongest place in the spinnaker, or to a special patch in the sail.

Small boats you pull the dropline by hand, bigger boats you run the dropline on a pit winch. 

The pit winch gives you power to do safe drops.

Any size of kite, any kind of weather.


Whether you enjoy racing a 27´ single handed, cruising a 55´ or cruising and racing an 80´ or 140´, Deckchute offers the hardware, the methods and the know how you need to do safe spinnaker hoists and drops.


Any size and kind of spinnaker: Runners, reachers, asymmetrical, symmetrical, tackline on bowsprit, tackline on bow, guy on pole.

Any kind of boat: 18´ to Super Yacht size, monohull, multihull, any kind of sailing: Racing fully crewed, racing singlehanded, racing shorthanded, cruising, any kind of weather.


Deckchute is all it takes: It´s the Deckchute hardware itself, it´s the dropline, it´s the fitting of the spinnaker and of the boat, it´s the know-how the advice and it´s the coaching.

It´s all it takes to get you going.

Have a look at our homepage to join some of the best crews pulling drop lines.

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Deckchute is the product of 
Downwind ApS. 
A company dedicated to inventing and producing tomorrows hoist and dropsystems for free flying sails.
Any size of kite, any kind of weather.





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