Deckchute was invented by Henrik Bartholin looking for a way to make shorthanded spinnaker sailing easy and safe, while sailing with his family.

The family spends their summer holidays cruising in Scandinavian waters, sailing long distances in all kind of northern weather, day and night.

Henrik has been racing as a bowman for many years.


Coustemers Service & Marketing

Karin (Henrik's wife) has been sailing since childhood. She has also been assisting Henrik test sailing loads of Deckchute prototypes in many different boats.

Karin is taking care of daily business, you can reach Karin almost 24/7.


Sales, Product development and Deckchute coaching


Professional Yacht Racer and Coach.

With a long career in yacht racing Jesper has had success at the highest level of the sport.

CV as Skipper/Helmsman or tactician includes:

Winning: World Match Racing Tour

Winning 7 ISAF grade 1 events

Winning 15 ISAF grade 2 events

Winning 3 Rolex Maxi Worlds

Winning 3 European Championships

Semifinal Americas Cup 2007, Team Desafio Espanol


Sales, Product development and Deckchute coaching


Professional Rigger, Yacht Racer and Coach.

From Carlos' long CV as Rigger Coach, Mid Bow or Bowman we have picked the following:

J-Class World Champion Lionheart.

Minimaxi 72 World Champion.

Boat builder King Marine Artemis Catamaran.

Winer Fasnet, Caribean 600, Quebec - St Malo with Tales II.

Bowman Magic Carpet.


Sales, Product development and Deckchute coaching


Working Experience:

Big-boat Crew Boss and Pro-sailor.

Sailmaker & Loft Manager.

Sail-Project Manager.

Super Yacht Sails Specialist.

Regatta Director & Commercial Responsible.


The short version of Jann's very impressive list of sailing achievements:

2 x America’s Cup Campaigns, Winner 2003.

J-Class, World Champion and AC-cup winner 2017.

3 x Maxi & Swan World Cup Winner.


We proudly introduce our Deckchute agent SAILWORKZ.

SAILWORKZ owned by top sailor Paul Gladdines will be taking care of Deckchute costumers in the Benelux countries.

Sailworkz is a fantastic full-service company, with many specialist division including the the SPORTSBOATCENTER.

We could not imagine a better set up for introducing the Deckchute way of sailing downwind. That is exactly the reason why we teamed up. At SAILWORKZ you will meet sailors who are using Deckchute themselves and can guide you to the right set up.

Deckchute will make you run the spinnaker more often and in stronger winds, while you enjoy the thrill of running it closer to its limits.

Check out our new agent, we think like us that you will be pleased: