18-60 FEET


Its early days, but: YES - we expect that Dekchute and racing fully crewed 18-´60´ will come together.

Former winner of World Match Racing Tour Jesper Radic have started to test best practice racing fully crewed.

Deckchute gives you the best of two worlds: The safety of the Deckchute system and the extra speed of a full crew.

In boats 18-30 foot, the drop is the pit man pulling the dropline at max speed. In bigger boats the drop is one or more crew on the foredeck "crawling" the dropline and the kite, "feeding" Deckchute and the pit man pulling the dropline. 

Or its pulling the dropline on a fast motor winch.

Hoisting, running and jiibing asymmetric kites is normal.

Windward Deckchute drops and hoists are much easier and safer than "old school"windward drops and hoists.

Have a look at this J80 training video, it gives you an idea about what we are talking about. 

Jesper Radich, Bertram Radich and Henrik Bartholin are sailing.

It is only 2nd J80 sail for them in a good breeze, they are short of crew, and no one of them are trained in the positions they sail.

Still Deckchute helps them out pretty well!

More to come!


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