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Imagine sailing on a summers day on a fair breeze.

Running between islands and through narrow channals, hoisting and dropping the gennaker many times, sometimes doing a hoist for a real short run.

Deckchute makes it happen for you!

Deckchute, a new kind of snuffer, has recently emerged.

It is a new hybrid of proven equipment and methods used in dinghies and yachts for decades.

It takes the worry out of gennaker sailing because it makes it safe and easy.

Sailing Deckchute you know that you can always get the gennaker down in a nice and controlled way staying in the cockpit. This is true no matter how hard the wind starts blowing. As long as you can steer the boat downwind, you are ok.

Just like you have it in dinghies, you mount and dismount in the safety of harbor, and once this is done you are ready to hoist and drop the gennaker at will, over and over while staying in the cockpit.

The days of dragging, mounting and dismounting gennaker gear outside the safety of cockpit or grasping at canvas leeward over the fence at sea is over.


Deckchute gives you authority and confidence to hoist and drop your gennaker any time the wind asks for it.

Deckchute is ideal to those who enjoy short- and singlehanded sailing, because it makes you hoist and keep your gennaker flying longer and in more wind. This will bring you more joy cruising and make you faster on the race course.

Deckchute will make you explore, enjoy and share the thrill of fast downwind sailing together with family, friends and crew.

What more can one ask for?